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nanoclocks GL

nanoclocks GL 2013-2019

digital audio genlock masterclock
version GL with two reference inputs for SD/HD video syncs or audio clocks, straightforward user interface, 19" rack mount brackets included

bonsaiDRIVE 2004-2010

We would recommend all users to install the latest firmware BF00.63.
Please see bonsaiDRIVE manual page 22 for information on how to update your bonsaiDRIVE.

Firmware BF00.63 can be used for all existing bonsaiDRIVEs, also for units without bonsaiLAN or SDI module installed.

A Delock 61702 SATA to IDE converter allows you to install a SATA SSD drive into your bonsaiDRIVE. Please notice that a bonsaiDRIVE can address maximum 1TB.